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Design and Technology

Design and Technology Intent: Design and Technology is an inspiring and practical subject that will allow children to use their creativity and imagination to design, and make, products in a variety of contexts.  We intend for all children to acquire appropriate subject knowledge, skills and understanding as set out in the National Curriculum. It is a cross-curricular subject where children will need to draw on their knowledge and understanding of many other subjects, including numeracy, literacy, science, computing and art. Children will evaluate well-known designers and inventors, and how their products have helped shaped the world. Through studying design and technology, the children at Finham will develop their abilities to perform creative, technical, and practical activities, and this will give them confidence to participate successfully in the increasingly technological world in which they live. They will learn how to evaluate and test their own ideas, and the products that are all around them. They will also learn about the importance of nutrition and a balanced diet and will learn how to follow recipes and cook nutritious food.

For more information on the intent, implementation and impact of Design Technology at Finham, or for a general overview of each year group's Design and Technology curriculum, please click the images below: 





For a more detailed look at each year group's Design and Technology curriculum, you can download key documentation below: