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Maths Intent: At Finham Primary we take a ‘mastery approach’ to the teaching and learning of mathematics. We believe that all children can succeed in all areas of maths, so our resources follow a growth mind set and problem-solving approach. Through this, all children are encouraged to believe in their ability to master maths and persevere when faced with challenge.

We aim to spark curiosity, develop confidence and encourage a ‘relational understanding’ – whereby children are able to spot connections that exist between different mathematical topics. We want to create children with strong number sense, who can quickly recall facts including times tables and accurately calculate using the four operations. Whilst developing children’s fluency in maths, we also look to apply mathematical skills in a range of situations to help develop a deep and long-term retention of learning. 

We seek to challenge children through more complex mathematical concepts, with the ultimate aim of developing well-rounded mathematicians, who can recall facts, show their fluency, and have the ability to reason and problem-solve. 

For more information on the intent, implementation and impact of Maths at Finham, or for a general overview of each year groups maths curriculum, please click the images below: 





For a more detailed look at each year groups Maths curriculum, you can download the key documentation below:.