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Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning Intent: At Finham Primary School we believe that every young person should experience the world beyond the classroom as an essential part of learning and personal development, whatever their age, ability or circumstances. 

Learning Outside the classroom, at Finham,  will contribute, support and enhance the teaching of a broad and balanced curriculum across all subject areas. This will promote spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development as well as preparing pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.  

Learning Outside the Classroom will support and enhance the learning and development of every child:

1 – Finham Curriculum – positive impacting on the learning across all of our curriculum areas.  

2 – Personal and Social Development (self-confidence, resolving differences, resilience)

3 - Spiritual, Moral and Cultural Development (community understanding, experiencing different cultures)

4 – Physical and Mental Well-Being (developing healthy lifestyles, connecting with nature)

5 - Functional and Employability Skills (leadership, creativity and innovation)

6 - Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills (reflective learning, team working, effective participation, personal challenge)

7 - Practical Skills (swimming, cycling, risk awareness, risk management, food preparation and cooking)

All children at Finham will have access to a variety of visits further afield that will be planned to link with key topics/learning in each year group. The plan for visits will cover visits from Nursery to Year 6, and will ensure they link to different areas of the curriculum and are specific to each year groups learning aims. RE visits will be included in the long term plan, these visits are planned by the RE curriculum lead. Residential visits are planned for Year 5 and Year 6, with Year 4 having a sleepover in school. 

Local Area visits will be used across the school to enhance and support the Finham curriculum. 

Learning Outside the classroom opportunities within the school grounds will be created regularly and in different areas of the curriculum. They will be created to:

1 - Access different areas of the school grounds.

2 – Access opportunities to connect with nature.

3 – Support the engagement all children in learning across the curriculum. 

4 – Develop social and personal skills across the curriculum. 

5 – Support attainment and an enjoyment of learning in different contexts.