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Phonics Intent: At Finham Primary School, we strive to ensure that all children become successful, fluent readers by the end of Key Stage One. In order to do this, we provide every child with high quality phonics as this plays a key role in children developing word decoding skills. We use Twinkl Phonics as our school's phonics scheme. 

We ensure that:

  • We provide consistent, high-quality phonics teaching which is accessed by all children.
  • The teaching of synthetic phonics is systematic and progressive throughout Foundation stage and Key Stage One to support phonetic knowledge and understanding. 
  • Children have secure phonetic knowledge, understanding and skills so that they can decode words confidently and apply this when reading and writing. 
  • We teach children aural discrimination, phonemic awareness and rhyme to aid reading, writing and spelling development. 
  • To enable children to use phonic awareness across the curriculum.
  • To provide children with strategies to identify and decode ‘tricky words’.

These strategies will ensure that children are then able to access the key stage 2 curriculum and beyond.

For more information on the intent, implementation and impact of Phonics at Finham, or for a general overview of each year group's Phonics curriculum, please click the images below or download the PDF's at the bottom of the webpage.