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Music Intent: At Finham we really value the importance of a wide musical education. Singing in particular, is a brilliant way to learn more about music, develop confidence and teamwork skills, improve concentration, increase a sense of well-being, and most importantly, to have lots of fun and at Finham, all children have the opportunity to take part in group singing sessions. We want children to experience a wide range of musical styles and genres from Beethoven to The Beatles and our music lessons are planned to enhance themes and different topics covered across the curriculum. Within the classroom teachers have access to a well-stocked music trolley which they use to ensure that every member of the class has the chance to experience playing a musical instrument as part of a group. Learning to play a musical instrument has many benefits. In addition to the obvious enjoyment, creativity and sense of achievement, research shows that learning to play can have a positive effect on children’s academic progress generally, enhancing reasoning skills which are essential for maths and science, and improving memory and the ability to learn. Children can also benefit socially, interacting with others as they learn to play as part of a group. Personal qualities of confidence, patience and self-discipline are also fostered, so learning to play a musical instrument can be a very rewarding and positive experience for children. 

For more information on the intent, implementation and impact of Music at Finham, or for a general overview of each year group's Music curriculum, please click the images below: 





For a more detailed look at each year group's Music curriculum, you can download key documentation below: